Wraps w/ Fish & Yogo-Mayo

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    For the Recipe
    1/2kg perch fillet
    8 El Sabor Wraps
    1 1/2 cup lettuce cut in thick slices
    1/2 cup broiled corn
    1/4 cup fresh parsley, cut in thick slices

    For the marinade
    2 tbspns olive oil
    2 tbspns lime juice
    1/4 teaspns sea salt
    freshly grated pepper

    For the Sauce
    1/2 cup Greek Yoghurt
    2 tbspns mayo
    1 teaspn chili Sauce (Picante by El Sabor)

    For Serving
    Lime Slices


1. Stir with a fork the olive oil, lime, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Lie the fish fillet within the bowl and let it marinate for approx. 20 mins.

2. Take out the fish fillet from the marinade and sear it in a high-temperature pre-heated pan with coated surface for approx. 3 mins from each side. After searing transfer the fish to another plate and let it rest for another 5 mins.

3. Stir the yoghurt, mayoand chili sauce in a small bowl. Heat the wraps from each side for approx. half a minute.

4. Break down the fish fillet with a fork. Add a tbspn of sauce on each wrap, then, lie the fish onto it, afterwards the lettuce, corn and parsley and serve with lime slices.

Useful Tip:
You may use fish fillet leftovers (broiled or seared) from the day before.

Source: www.mirsini.gr


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